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This website is provided by Workhere New Zealand. The privacy notice applies to personal and other information collected on the Workhere New Zealand website.

Data collection and purpose specification

We collect some personal data that you may volunteer while using our site and its services. We generally do not collect or use personal data for any purpose other than to send out relevant information, publications requested by you or to improve the relevance of our content.

Any personal information we hold will not be used by us for any purpose other than the one you provided it for, or disclosed to any other person in a form that will identify you except where you have consented to such disclosure, or where such use or disclosure is required or otherwise permitted by the Privacy Act 1993, or otherwise required or permitted by law.

You have the right to access and to request correction of any of your personal information provided to us in connection with your use of this Site. If you would like to see the personal information relating to you that we have stored, or to request correction of such personal information, or if you have any concerns regarding your privacy, please contact We may require proof of your identity before being able to provide you with any personal information.

By registering with Workhere New Zealand you give us permission to contact you by email and for the Workhere recruitment team to contact you.

Automatic collection of information

We use site statistics to improve the information on this site and create relevant content. This information is viewable by site administrators and all information is used as non-personal.

This information includes: users' IP addresses, users' search terms, sections viewed on the site, links that are clicked on, date and time of site visits, previous visited site, users' operating systems, browsers used when accessing the site.

Google may also collect some or all of this information when javascript is turned on in your Internet browser. This is due to the site using a portion of the Google public index for its search functionality. Google’s use of such information is addressed in its Privacy Policy.


This Site generates both persistent and temporary cookies (files that a website transfers to your computer).

Some cookies may collect personal information you may decide to disclose by providing identifying information within the search terms you enter into the Site or when completing one of the online registration forms.

The Site generates temporary cookies to monitor site usage and to maintain site presentation for those who wish to use the Site’s high contrast view. These particular cookies are named “__utmc” and “default_stylesheet”. They do not store any personal information and are deleted immediately when you close your browser.

If you prefer not to use cookies, you can still use the Site. To find out how to disable cookies, check the Help instructions in your web browser.


This site utilises Remarketing with Google Analytics and Facebook to advertise online. It allows third-party vendors, including Google and Facebook, to show Workhere New Zealand’s ads on sites across the Internet. This is done by this site and third-party vendors, including Google and Facebook, using first-party cookies (such as the Google Analytics cookie) and third-party cookies (such as the DoubleClick cookie) together to inform, optimize, and serve ads based on someone's past visits to this website.

Terms and Conditions

The Workhere New Zealand website uses appropriate technologies to ensure that the information that you transmit to us via the Site is secure and maintained in our possession.

Workhere New Zealand is not authorised to give advice on obtaining visas, nor can we issue visas to any party for entry to New Zealand. For visa information, please see the Immigration New Zealand website.

Upon applying for a job you are requesting that Workhere send your information to the specified third party.

We endeavour to make every effort to ensure that jobs advertised on the site are for actual job vacancies but cannot guarantee the continued availability of any job advertised on the site and will not be liable in the instance where an advertiser has filled the vacancy at any time prior to the removal of the advertisement from the Innovation Islands site.

The site may not be used in any way that is unlawful. You may not scrape or reproduce any information from this site for your own website or any other use. This is inclusive of logos and design elements unless express consent has been received.

By accessing the Workhere New Zealand site, you are agreeing to adhere to the terms and conditions of the site. The laws governing this agreement are the laws of New Zealand and Terms and Conditions are subject to change in relation to these laws or as owners see fit. Any changes will be in effect from when first posted to the Workhere New Zealand site unless otherwise stated.


Job growth lies in mid-market

By The Workhere New Zealand Team | 28th of August 2013

 <span 12px;"="">We hear a lot about the big end of town – and quite rightly. There are around 2150 businesses in New Zealand that employ 100 or more staff. At over 300 New Zealand-based staff MYOB is one of them.

Although these companies make up a tiny fraction of the approximately 470,000 enterprises in New Zealand they employ almost half of all working Kiwis, so many of us have a stake in their success.

At the other end of the scale over 90 per cent of all local enterprises employ fewer than 20 people, and most – around 70 per cent – are sole traders. Small businesses are the beating heart of New Zealand enterprise. They’re where many people get their first start or their chance to build something of their own.

Read more;t

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