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Job growth lies in mid-market

By The Workhere New Zealand Team | 28th of August 2013

 <span 12px;"="">We hear a lot about the big end of town – and quite rightly. There are around 2150 businesses in New Zealand that employ 100 or more staff. At over 300 New Zealand-based staff MYOB is one of them.

Although these companies make up a tiny fraction of the approximately 470,000 enterprises in New Zealand they employ almost half of all working Kiwis, so many of us have a stake in their success.

At the other end of the scale over 90 per cent of all local enterprises employ fewer than 20 people, and most – around 70 per cent – are sole traders. Small businesses are the beating heart of New Zealand enterprise. They’re where many people get their first start or their chance to build something of their own.

Read more;thttp://www.stuff.co.nz/business/unlimited/9090898/Job-growth-lies-in-mid-market

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