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Vend is an exciting place to work, with an award-winning company culture and a clear mission to be the world’s leading cloud POS. Working here means being part of a team that works hard, fast and cleverly to keep Vend growing at rocket-ship speeds.

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  • The Vend team are hilarious. And they work hard too. It’s a bit of a winning combination, really.

    On the face of it all they’re talented Sales, Marketing, Product Development, and Customer Success professionals...but ultimately their strength as a collective unit is their ‘realness’. At Vend you don’t have to cloak your personality under a veneer of “professionalism.” You can be yourself, the professional – and this brings out the best in everyone.

    Vend HQ is in the heart of one of Auckland favourite retail spots, in the suburb of Newmarket. So the team enjoy having customers all around them and amazing coffee and food nice and handy too. And if that wasn’t enough to entice you to Vend, consider this: they have a pool table, kitchens with baking supplies, a sweet coffee machine, a beer keg, regular four-legged office visitors that bark and an amazingly kitted out space for you to do your best work.

    The team also really like to applaud each other. Literally. So don’t be surprised if you find yourself clapping exuberantly at any point on any day. Good times all ‘round. Oh yeah, everyone at Vend gets a cake for their birthday!! We told you this place is awesome. Vend is – and will continue to – recruit for a wide range of roles in Auckland & Wellington as well as Melbourne, San Francisco, Toronto, Berlin & London.

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  • Vend delivers beautiful, intuitive cloud point-of-sale software straight into retailers’ web-browsers globally. The business aims to bring delight to customers on a daily basis, and have fun doing it.

    It all started – not that long ago really – when in 2010 CEO Vaughan Rowsell founded Vend to help tackle an issue plaguing retailers worldwide. The problem was software, old clunky software to be precise, that was causing a myriad of point of sale dramas. So, following in the valiant footsteps of Xero, he sat down to move point-of-sale to the cloud. And boy did it skyrocket.

    Since launching the Vend platform, the business has grown customer numbers to over 27,000 in more than 100 countries. And to keep pace with demand, the team has also seen significant growth – quadrupling in size since launch...and still growing fast! They’ve won some cool awards along the way, including Kenexa Best Small Workplace - and formed some amazing partnerships with the likes of PayPal and other behemoths in the tech space. And they’re just getting started.

  • Vend’s greatest ambition is to disrupt the point-of-sale industry on a global scale, and provide their customers - the little guys - with an affordable suite of business tools they can leverage to effectively compete with the big guys.

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    Nick Houldsworth
    Chief Marketing Officer
    Vaughan Rowsell

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